Vista Explorer 60 Lightweight Tripod with Bag

Vista Explorer 60 Lightweight Tripod with BagStyle-wise this is your classic tripod. This is the perfect first tripod, secondary or back-up alternative. If you’re new to photography and in the market for something like this, then you’ve found it.

I like this as a way to get involved in taking mounted photography because it’s very easy to use without bells and whistles that you just don’t need. The Vista is lighter than it appears which makes it easy to transport and change positions. The movement is quite impressive and the height availability is good.

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Vista Explorer 60 Tripod with Bag

It can connect or disconnect to your camera very quickly, and it rotates 360 degrees as well as covering vertical movement so you can adjust it to exactly the position you’re after and be satisfied your images will turn out just as planned.

Considering it is so light, it can handle some pretty heavy equipment. It’s fine with DSLR and associated lenses so it is an ideal back up tripod for serious enthusiasts or professionals.

You won’t be disappointed with the results you get from this product at all. You also get a bag which makes it easy to carry around or take from home to a shoot or vice versa.

You could pay the same price just for a bag so to get not only a fantastic tripod but also the accessory at this price is phenomenal.

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